Matting Systems

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Floor Mats, Custom Mats, Rubber Mats, Safety Mats FEATURES: Heavy duty mat for high traffic areas.  Grippers on underside minimise movement. Raised reinforced rubber dam border. Reinforced rubber raised squares to prevent pile from   crushing, improving wear ability

Absorba-MatAbsorba Mat

Absorba Mat

FEATURES                                                                   SIZE 
• Heavy duty mat for high traffic areas.               600 x 900mm       
• Grippers on underside minimise movement     900 x 1440mm     
• Raised reinforced rubber dam border.              910 x 2970mm     
• Reinforced rubber raised squares                   1140 x 2970mm   
      to prevent pile from crushing,                       1140 x 1750mm     
      improving wear ability                                        1750 x 2920mm     
                                                                                  1800 x 6045mm



Prestige Mat

FEATURES                                                SIZE               
• Attractive, hard wearing mat for            400 x 600 mm               
         medium traffic entrances                 450 x 750mm                  
• Heavy duty rubber backed with a           600 x 900mm                
         stylish polypropylene surface          900 x 1500mm               
• All-weather construction suitable          1200 x 1800mm           
          for indoor or outdoor.
• Grippers on underside
• Raised reinforced rubber border
          helps trap moisture and dirt.



Tough Scrape
FEATURES                                             SIZE
• Optional heavy duty edging.            2 x 21m 
• Coarse fibres scrape dirt and          4 x 21m
  debris from shoes.
• Solution dyed to prevent fading.
• Easy to clean.
• Dries quickly



Esteem Tile System
FEATURES                                                           SIZE
• Tile system for heavy traffic                        300 x 450 x 15mm
  entrances.                                        Colour: Black or Grey
• Connects easily and quickly
• Traps dirt and water and hides if
  from sight.
• Can be cut or shaped to any
• Suitable for mat recesses


Tough Scrapeoffice & commercial entrance mats    

Ribbed Mat

FEATURES                                                                SIZE                      
• Effective and economical mat for                   450 x 680mm
  medium traffic areas.                                              600 x 900mm
• Attractive bi-level construction                        900 x 1500mm
  traps dirt.                                                                 1200 x 1800mm
• Coarse fibres scrape dirt and         RUNNER WIDTHS:
  debris from shoes.                                              900mm 
• Solution dyed to prevent fading                     1200mm
• Easy to clean and dries quickly                     1800mm


Esteem Tile SystemFloor Shield

Floor Shield

FEATURES                                                                    SIZE
• Absorbs water and dirt from shoes                      480 x 740mm                      
  while hiding it from sight.                                           600 x 900mm
• Attractive smooth polypropylene                          900 x 1200mm
  surface.                                                                         900 x 1500mm
• Easy to clean and dries quickly.                           900mm runner
• Solution dyed to prevent fading.                        
COLOURS: Red, Walnut, Blue, Green & Smoke


Rubber Brush Scraper2Rubber Brush Scraper1

Rubber Brush Scraper

FEATURES                                                           SIZE
• Heavy duty outdoor scraper mat.                   610 x 810mm
• Rubber studs dislodge dirt from                     710 x 1070mm
  shoes.                                                                      910 x 1830mm
• Slip resistant base.
• Ramped edge for added safety.
• Excellent outdoor mat.


Cushion Mat1Cushion Mat2

Cushion Mat

FEATURES                                                              SIZE
• All weather construction suitable                   450 x 600mm
  for indoor or outdoor                                          600 x 900mm
• The surface of the mat is always                   900 x 1500mm
           clean and dry                                           1200mm runner
• Collects tracked in dirt and water                   Available in a range of   colours
• Often used in entrances to help
            protect your floor



PVC Backed Coir Matting

FEATURES                               THICKNESS
• High moisture absorption.     17mm
• Excellent scraping quality.     24mm
• Suitable for mat wells.           30mm
• Environmentally friendly.       Cut to size – 1 & 2mtr Wide Rolls


Chevron Scraper1Chevron Scraper3

Chevron Scraper

FEATURES                                                                 SIZE
• Attractive herringbone scrape mat                         900 x 1500mm
  for medium traffic areas.                                       1200 x 1800mm
• High moisture absorption.                    Colour:   Blue
• Excellent scraping quality.                                  Burgundy
• PVC backing and borders.                                  Brown
8mm thick
Runner widths : 900mm, 1200mm, 1800mm