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Tie Downs, Restraining & Recovery Equipment

Tie Downs & Load Restraints

IMGP1922The D1-Tradesman Ratchet  Strap

Features a wide handle for better grip and lock down safety. Ideal for utilities, box trailers etc. 35mm ratchet assembly fitted with PVC coated “S” hooks. Lashing Capacity 500kg,
Pretension 250kg and Length 6 metre.









Contractor Ratchet Strap 01804B20-06

35mm x 6 metre. Ideally suited for securing loads of various sizes and weights up to 1000kg each, eg. ladder, mixers, tool boxes, timber, pipes etc.
The hooks & keeper fit onto most rope rails on tray backs and utilities.








A2-Biker Ratchet Straps

 Simple Cambuckle assembly which is especially suited to “soft” loads, ie. motor bikes, beds etc. or for bundling product.
25mm x 1.6 metre length. Lashing Capacity 250kg.










B1-Weekender Ratchet Strap

Lightweight and versatile this ratchet is well suited to general light duty applications including marque tie down, bundling product and roof racks. 
25mm ratchet assembly with PVC coated “S” hooks. Lashing Capacity 250kg.
Pretension 125kg and Length 4 metre.







B2-Hobby Ratchet Strap
 A lightweight ratchet unit which has an endless loop. Perfect for bundling product or for use on roof racks etc.
25mm x Length 6 metre, Lashing Capacity 750 kg.










Truck Ratchet Straps

Heavy Duty General Purpose lashing suitable for all types of urban and interstate work.
50mm x Length 9 metre with hooks and keepers. Lashing Capacity 2500kg.