Safe-T-View Mirrors

At blind corners and corridor intersections, in hospitals, schools, factories and offices, wherever busy people come and go there is a risk of collision and injury. Convex mirrors help prevent accidents. They let you see around corners and over obstacles. You check the way is clear and proceed with confidence


catalog1-1  Premium Indoor
A strong, wide-angle mirror with impact-resistant acrylic face and weather proof back. The 3 pivot bracket system is ideally suited for rolladoor and layflat applications, previously difficult to achieve. Security caps cover fixings. Supplied with fixings for masonry and 60mm post.

catalog1-2  Standard Indoor

 A robust, lightweight mirror with acrylic face, fully covered back and 2 pivot bracket is the obvious choice for retail, commercial and light industrial applications. Easy to install and adjust with non-slip joints.                                                                              

catalog1-3Economy Indoor

A lightweight indoor mirror for commercial, retail and institutional use. 2 pivot and sliding bracket design combine functionality and lowest cost.


catalog2-1  Premium Outdoor

With a mirror polished stainless steel face and high visibility orange visor, mounted with an extremely robust post bracket, this is an almost unbreakable, all weather mirror. Security caps cover fixings. Suitable for road and rail safety, mining applications and isolated locations where vandalism may be a problem

catalog2-2 Standard Outdoor

Impact resistant acrylic face with high visibility orange visor and extremely robust post bracket. Security caps cover fixings. An extremely durable all weather mirror suitable for road and pedestrian traffic applications, distribution depots and parking areas.


catalog2-3Economy Outdoor

Strong industrial wide-angle mirror with impact resistant acrylic face, weatherproof back, wall mounted with security capped fixings. Ideal for factories, warehouses and car parks.

catalog3-1  Full Domes

Full domes may be suspended on chains or fastened to ceiling and provide a 360 degree view.
catalog3-2  Half Domes
Half domes provide a 180 degree view.
catalog3-4Corner Domes
Corner domes provide a 90 degree view.


catalog4-1   Under Vehicle Mirrors

Under Vehicle Mirrors are a range of high quality mirrors, ergonomically designed to meet the rigours of security and surveillance work. They are strongly built; highly adaptable for viewing under vehicles, inaccessible places and other hard-to-get areas. The mirror faces are 300mm diameter, either in highly polished stainless steel or in mirror-faced acrylic at your option. This group of mirrors is ideal for correctional and detention centres, military establishments, customs posts and other applications where the threat of terrorism, smuggling or other unlawful activity is likely.
catalog4-2Military Models
A portable inspection mirrors for applications where direct lines of sight are difficult to achieve. This range of mirrors features telescopic extension handles that are electrically non-conductive. They feature a wide degree of mirror adjustment. Highly suitable for use in security services, anti-terrorism, for anti-drug squads, armed forces and police departments.