Waste Equipment

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round containers         WM
 BRUTE® Round Containers
Industry leader in waste and material handling applications.
  • All-plastic, professional-grade construction will not rust, chip or peel, and resists dents.
  • Strong, Snap-On lids are available for secure, stable stacking.
  • Reinforced rims add strength and durability.
  • Built-in handles allow easy, non-slip lifting and anti-jam nesting.
  • Grey, white and yellow are USDA Meat & Poultry Equipment Group Listed and assist in complying with HACCP guidelines.
  • Certified to NSF Std. #2(grey, white and yellow only) and Std. #21(all colours).
  • Optional self-draining lid prevents pooling when containers are stored outside.
Description                                        Metric                    Dimensions Metric
BRUTE® Container without Lid     39.7 cm dia x 43.5 cm h       37.9 L
BRUTE® Container without Lid     49.5 cm dia x 58.1 cm h       75.7 L
BRUTE® Container without Lid     55.9 cm dia x 69.2 cm h       121.1 L
BRUTE® Container without Lid     61 cm dia x 80 cm h             166.5 L
BRUTE® Container without Lid     67.3 cm dia x 83.8 cm h       208.2 L


Lids and Tops
Description                           Metric Dimensions
Lid                                           40.6 cm dia x 2.5 cm
Lid                                           50.5 cm dia x 4.6 cm h
Lid                                           56.5 cm dia x 4.1 cm h
Lid                                           62.2 cm dia x 3.8 cm h
Lid                                           67.9 cm dia x 5.1 cm h


Round Dollies   BRUTE® Round Dollies

Easy mobility and manoeuvrability of heavy loads.
  • Swivel castors offer easy mobility through the workplace.
  • 7.6 cm swivel castors provide long life.
  • Attach rubbish containers with easy twist on, twist off action
Description                                  Metric Dimensions
BRUTE® Dolly Containers            46.4 cm dia x 16.8 cm h
Universal Drum Dolly Container    61.9 cm dia x 18.1 cm h


big bin   Mega BRUTE® Mobile Collector                              Highly manoeuvrable and versatile waste and linen collection and sortation system. Innovative design features deliver improved productivity and ease of use.
  • High capacity – 454L/180kg.
  • Waste and linen sortation options support recycling efforts.
  • Highly manoeuvrable; fits through a standard 80cm doorway and travels easily on and off most elevators.
  • Rear doors ease handling of heavy filled liners.
  • SORTATION OPTIONS Holds an optional 87L Slim Jim® container for improved waste sortation and recycling
  • STORAGE AREA  Ideal for storing extra can liners and other cleaning supplies.
  • CAN LINER RETAINER Secures a 209L can liner and flips up for easy access to storage area.
  • EASILY MANOEUVRABLE Large 30.1cm wheels and 12.7cm non-marking lockable castors in a diamond pattern allow Mega BRUTE® to turn on its own axis.
  • Rear doors allow easy contents removal.
  • Optional lid fully covers contents; centre hinge allows access to either end of Mega BRUTE®.
Description                            Metric Dimensions                       Metric Capacity
Mega BRUTE® Mobile Collector 133.3 cm l x 69.9 cm 10h                  54.3  L
Mega BRUTE® Lid                      125.7 cm l x 76.2 cm w x 26.7cm h


Slim Jim® Containers  Slim Jim® Containers                         

Industry standard in waste management, especially where space is limited.
  • Efficient size and shape fits tight spaces.
  • Durable, all-plastic construction is easy to clean and provides long life.
  • Handles facilitate easier transportation and lifting.
  • Slim Jim® with Venting Channels takes the strain out of liner removal.
  • Slim Jim® with four can liner cinches improve productivity.
  • Moulded-in handles and base grips make lifting and emptying easier
topsSlim Jim® Tops
  • Swing top provides easy access for rubbish disposal and then swings back to hide rubbish from public view.
  • Interchangeable, colour-coded tops promote waste separation
Description                                                                       Metric Dimensions
Slim Jim® Swing Lid fits all Slim Jim® Containers         52 cm l x 29.5 cm w x 12.7 cm h
Slim Jim® Hinge Lid fit all Slim Jim® Containers           55.5 cm l x 34.2 cm w x 3.2 cm h
Slim Jim®Paper Recycling fits all Slim Jim®Containers 51.8 cm l x 28.7 cm w x 7 cm h
Slim Jim® Handle Top fits all Slim Jim® Containers      51.8 cm l x 28.7 cm w x 7 cm h
Slim Jim® Bottle & Can Recycling                                  51.8 cm l x 28.7 cm w x 7 cm h
         Top fits all Slim Jim® Containers


Trolleys&Dolleys Trolley & Dolly

  • Use trolley single as a dolly or link multiple Slim Jim® Containers to reduce collection trips.
  • Stainless Steel Dolly with plastic castors resists chemicals, rust, and corrosion for use in wet environments.
Description                                                                        Metric Dimensions
Slim Jim® Trolley                                                         59.5 cm l x 38.1 cm w x 27.5 cm h
Slim Jim® Stainless Steel Dolly                                   51.8 cm l x 23.8 cm w x 24.1 cm h
     fits all Slim Jim® Containers


Step-On Containers Step-On Containers

Step-On range of easy-to-clean hands-free bins
help you dispose of waste safely and hygienically.
  • Hands-free disposal: quiet, heavy-duty pedal for hygienic, hands-free use to significantly reduce cross-contamination through hand contact.
  • Tight fitting, overlapping lid, essential for containing airborne pathogens and odours.
  • Rounded corners and smooth contours for easy cleaning.
  • Tough, puncture-resistant, all-plastic construction, won’t rust or chip.
  • Assists in complying with OSHA regulation; 29 CFR 1910.1030 ‘‘Occupational Exposure to Blood borne Pathogens
Description                            Metric Dimensions                               Metric Capacity
Step-On Container                      41.3 cm l x 40 cm w x 43.5 cm h                 30.3 L
Step-On Container                      41.3 cm l x 40 cm w x 60 cm h                    45.4 L
Step-On Container                      50.2 cm l x 41 cm w x 67.3 cm h                 68.1 L
Mobile Step-On Container          50.2 cm l x 41 cm w x 82.6 cm h                 87.1 L


Untouchable® Containers and Tops

Untouchable® Containers and Tops
Available in round and square shapes to fit every application.
  • Durable and crack resistant, even under tough indoor/outdoor conditions.
  • Perfect for hotel lobbies, offices, restrooms, shopping malls, restaurants and other public locations.
Description                                       Metric Dimensions                     Metric Capacity
   Square Container                       41.9 cm l x 39.4 cm w x 78.5 cm h             87.1 L
   Square Container – Recycling    41.9 cm l x 39.4 cm w x 78.5 cm h             87.1 L
Untouchable® Square Container  49.5 cm sq x 70.2 cm h                             132.5 L
Swing Lid                                      40.6 cm l x 40.6 cm w x 10.2 cm h
Swing Top                                     51.1 cm l x 15.9 cm w